art originals, legacy paintings, commissions and fine art prints of green earth artist ronald suchiu

Art originals and fine art prints of Artist Ronald Suchiu, The art of internationally renowned artist Ronald Suchiu (pronounced Sue Chew) has now reached into more than 30 countries. Two Prime Ministers of his home country have classified his artwork as a "National Treasure"

Suchiu the Artist

This section could easily turn into a book of its own. Each piece that Suchiu paints has its own unique chronicle involving presidents, actors, singers, even whole cities. Suchiu does not just bring into play his skilled techniques on a canvas and vola you have a beautiful picture. It goes far beyond technique. Suchiu’s mission to "make the world a better place" lures him to have a planned purpose for each of his paintings. As you read about his art you will see how each is intended to help a community, raise awareness, fund a cause, or preserve a piece of history.

Living Legends

Suchiu started this series to raise awareness and funds to help the environment.

The Canadian Southland Series

Suchiu worked on a project of fourteen paintings to bring awareness of the rich history of his home area. He painted for five years on a sequence entitled The Canadian Southland Series which portrayed pieces of history with a timeline of over 100 years. The city of Windsor participated with "Celebrating the New City". Windsor Kinsmen and the City of Windsor used this to promote their centennial year. The Kinsmen than sold the prints to use the proceeds toward the many charities that they help. He painted about the rum running days that were prevalent in the prohibition years, with a print of this ending up in the original office of the famed Elliot Ness. He painted about the historic event "The Race of the Century", the legendary horse race with Man O War. This race and horse made his mark on the world in Windsor, Canada in 1928. Suchiu’s piece of art made its mark on Canada when it was sent to Queen Elizabeth ll. Suchiu was quite honoured as gifts are scrutinized by many of the Queens official’s before-hand and then she has the final say. It was the first time in 7 years that the Queen accepted a gift from Canada and the Governor Generals office in Ottawa was very excited about this. This series also included a painting of a significant local church. The roots of this church date back to the early seventeen hundreds, with many important events attached to it, so it was no surprise when this piece of art made its way to the Vatican. Suchiu seized the opportunity and decide to involve the local school children by asking them to send and sign greetings to the Pope, 10,000 to be exact! Knowing these would become part of the archives of the Vatican Suchiu created forms for the schools on acid free papers to preserve their notes and signatures. Suchiu received a call from Bishop informing him that his piece of art hangs proudly in a room beside Raphel and Bottocelli.

This series was highly acclaimed by the city of Windsor and has since been used by teachers and students for projects and tools of learning in regard famous artists and local history.

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The art of internationally renowned artist Ronald Suchiu (pronounced Sue Chew)  has now reached into more than 30 countries.Two Prime Ministers of his home country have classified his artwork as a "National Treasure"

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